Evening Council

"Herr Euler has received a bird informing him the black sails we're sighted, that is enough for me!" Captain Brenner exclaimed before taking one last bite of his pear and tossing it's core out of the tower window. The general sniffed the aroma from the mouth of his crystalline globlet before taking a sip and slowly inhaling to savour it. His gaze turned back to the fire. "Keelhafen, Blatverstok, NettBuch... one after another its so obvious even without the sighting. We have to go, we can't let them slaughter those people!" Sputtered the captain earnestly. The general swilled the rest of his glass and strolled to the window and gazed out at the evening patrol of halberdiers. "There won't be any Reiksguard coming Hunfried." General Grimminger scowled. "We'll only have the garrison regiment and your men. The corsair Fellheart is trapped but still a slimy dread-squid the success of my entire command rests on his capture." Hunfried Brenner remained controlled but his mustache twitched with rage, he spoke in a low tone, "Sir, I know the ground around Lichthaven well, Euler will be with us with his great guns, we will choose the field to our great advantage. There will never be a better chance to offer the corsair restitution... we can save those people. Think of your career sir, if we were to bring the drow back to Hochland dead or in chains." -- "Very well" the old general grunted.

Lichthaven defensive deployment

As he walked down the spiral staircase Captain Brenner muttered in consternation about strategic logistics. The confidence he displayed for the general was a facade over passionate desperation. The corsair lord might be leagues away from the black ark but his bloodthirsty slavers had left harbour after harbour in ruins. He thought of his little son Franz and then of course of Beth. They were in Lichthaven. He knew he would rather die fighting than live to see them taken by the drow. He smiled, pleased that he had convinced the general to give him a chance to save them. The dark elves had caught the other garrisons off-guard and under-manned. This time he would bring Herr Euler. This time they would find the men of the Empire wrathful and ready to defend their homes and loved ones.

Pirate Lord

Lokhir the Dark Elf pirate leaned with one foot upon the bow of the simple black brig which whisked along the coastline toward Lichthaven. His face scowling and scarred, eyes squinting with teeth clenched in angry contemplation. He grimaced brooding over the betrayal in Nordland. He had never been lucky in love but he was not simply jilted by the flaming Cerarre he was cutoff from his own black-ark with a skeleton crew in the wild human west.

Lohkhir Fellheart hiding in the forest while he contemplates his route of attack

Beautiful but cruel to put him in such a predicament. He had proven himself capable of surviving in the hostile human territory under the conditions. Now, he needed to devise a course of action to enact the merciless revenge that was now necessary. He would need to conquer a town with some industry to build a vessel capable of carrying plunder back to Naggaroth. His base on the island of northmen would surely have been either destroyed or commandeered by Cerarre and the black ark crew. It would have to be a journey to Naggoroth and an arrival with treasure.

As they arrived through the mist at a perfect candidate town a call from the crow's nest warned of cannon ashore. Lokhir was surprised but expressionless, they must have known he was coming, the humans were ready. how was this string calamities targeted at him? Mind racing, he scanned the horizon for the defensive troop positions. "Shall we turn around Sir?" someone called. Tension hung over the corsairs but the captain remained silent. In one motion Lokhir produced a mostly empty vial of defiled virgin blood and took a quick sniff of the narcotic and pocketed the remaining dregs before turning to face his corsairs. "No... this is our new drydock. The humans have gathered us a welcoming party to make sure there will be enough slaves for the labor needed." The crew laughed. Calmed, Lokhir began to form a plan. "Pull the skiff up on shore and make towards the forest. You and you stay with the boat and man the bolt thrower." He wasn't going to turn back this was the end of running and losing, the bottom, this was where he would turn everything around. Into the forest where the cannon couldn't bring him down, if they sank the ship it wouldn't matter because he was here to stay until he had a bigger vessel anyway. He leaned forward as the vessel beached but before he leaped out ran along the sand towards the heavily wooded hill he donned the Helm of the Kraken prompting the cry "KrakenLord" as they rushed towards the forest.

Dark Elf deployment into the forested hill area


The empire defenders have planned for this and deliberately deployed along the cliff-face of the stereo receiver. This hill is 5 inches high and requires an initiative test to scale without dying. The record player hill, however, is a smaller hill with a gradual slope. The record player hill is covered all for its outer rim in forest, which is represented by fallen leaves from the lemon tree. The blue mousepad is the ocean. There is a large bridge up onto the town's plateau that leads onto a forest path. Another entrance that does not incur the scaling test is the ascending cd-cases towards the harbour's mouth. This path is closed by a small stone wall.

Two armies face off to decide the fate of Lichthaven

Turn 1: Dark Elves

Lokhir orders his repeater crossbows to head toward the corner of the wooded hill and maintain a vantage over the battlefield. He directs the corsairs to form a wedge, he would go with them to break the bridge defense. The larger corsair unit would take the oceanside flank. Kukkoval the reaver of the metal corsair unit considers that Lokhir means for him to strike over the wall but he has a grander scheme to snake along the edge of the hill and bridge avoiding the line of sight of the cannons and scaling the cliff for a daring break through.

Maneuver Tests

Elven Advance

The Darkshards have stopped a litte more than 2 inches from the forest's edge so they cannot see out nor be seen, the corsairs are even further back.

Corsairs in Wedge
Miniatures vantage of the wedge


The Darkshards and corsairs marched this turn and are out of line of sight for the most part but the bolt six shots in a rythmic succession.

Bolt Thrower Crew considering between fire at the Volley Gun or Militia

Turn 2: Empire

Captain Brenner shouted the order they'd all been waiting for, "Onward, to the defensive positions!" Across the line troops began to fall out and advance toward the natural defenses. "The bridge, the wall," thought Godfrey the Empire general, "this is a favorable battlefield. We have a good chance of stopping the drow incursion right here... If I play the next moves right this could go very well for me at Hochland."

Maneuver Tests

Failing to maneuver into position specifically over the bridge Brenner's formation simply trots forward it will take another turn to position themselves according to the Captain's designs.

The empire advances to defensive positions

Norman was the skipper of the biggest of the town's three fishing vessels which made him the obvious choice for captain of local militia. He along with most of the men was eager and excited. While they had heard recent news of villages plundered and wharfs left in ashes they actually had a chance to defend themselves with an imperial army at their backs. "Steady on lads!" Norman shouted. The crews were not specifically trained in rank and file combat and their formation loosened as they marched forward. As the unit tightened and advanced they could see quick movement on the horizon which quickly focused into black lines falling towards them. As the bolts thudded into the hillside around them Norman called out, "On to the wall they can't stop us before we fight!" All the men of his company followed him except Mombert Holzer who lay skewered and bleeding.


The Volley Gun has no line of sight to anybody in its range and the cannon and crossbowmen have moved but the archers shoot a volley at Kukkoval's corsairs

The Volley Gun cannot see the Corsairs which are not in the forest

Turn 3: Dark Elves

Lokhir and Gehkis' corsairs advance cautiously up to the bridge mostly obscured but poking out of the forest. The Darkshards also step forward to take a shot from the forests edge. Kukkoval attempts to snake march up under the bridge and reform to make a charge next turn.

Maneuver Tests

Kukkoval takes the ocean flank corner because he is wary of being charged from the side by the free company militia as restitution for his ambitious gambit.

The Dark Elves are poised to strike


Break Tests

Turn 4: Empire

Captain Brenner waits to move his troops into position until after the shooting phase so as not to block the cannon. Norman's militia will declare a charge on Kukkoval's corsairs. The halberdiers will advance to take the place of the militia. The cannon will shoot at the bolt thrower and the archers, crossbowmen, and Helblaster will shoot at the Darkshards.

The lads had all run in off the fishing docks the day before giggling with apprehension. The corsairs had been sighted but Brenner had actually arrived in time with state troops. They actually had a shot to save their livelyhoods and were eager to take it.


Combat is engaged


Break Tests

Casaulties of the shooting phase

Norman watched Kukkoval's advance from behind the stone wall. At first the drow looked frantic sprinting along the perimeter of the elevation, clearly cowering in fear of Herr Euler's firepower. He abruptly straightened and slid deliberately to a stop While the other elves began to file into rank likewise, Norman could see the lead corsair consider attempting a pot shot in his direction. The entire battle suddenly unfolded in Norman's mind and it became clear to him that Captain Brenner and Herr Euler had made a grave miscalculation. He realized that the high command had meant to use his soldiers as a disposable front line but the drow weren't going to come over the stone wall and up the stone levels to the harborfront. These corsairs were going to simply scale the cliff face and fall upon the undefended archers atop it. The main defense forces would be bypassed and the the artillery would be thwarted. He called to the officers above him, "Quick move the archers now! The knights have to charge down the hill at the corsairs right now or all will be lost!" He could hear someone above shout angrily, "No one repeat that to the general! The militia simply don't want to be the first face the drow. Cowards! Know your place and do your duty." Norman seethed, the lives of all his family were on the line cowardice didn't enter his consciousness in the least. "We can't stop them alone but we can't let them destroy our town. Chaaaarge!" He screamed as he led his men over the wall.

Kukkoval knew the militia leader had seen him, their eyes met and he could see the man realizing what was going to happen. Was the human brave enough to stand and do anything about it? The militia began to leap over the wall. They were, in fact, acting upon the head sailor's intuition... impressive for men. Kukkoval laughed as he cocked his crossbows, "It is time Nuruleth, they are coming but we must not be stopped."

Nureluth emerges


The frenzy from the sea serpent standard kicks in

End of turn map

Turn 5: Dark Elves

Lokhir and Gehkis charge in a wedge across the bridge to attempt to break through the spearmen. Kukkoval leads his corsairs up the rock face to charge the crossbowmen.


One of the two charges succeeds


Break Tests

His weapons strapped again to his back Kukkoval nimbly darted up the face of the receiver cliff using all four of his limbs to shimmy against the dials and buttons. As he reached the apex of his ascent he reached upward to draw his twin blades in a rolling somersault onto the plateau where he planted his feet and stood up facing down the surprised human detachments. His plan was working. He could hear his men clambering behind him, surmounting the obstacle he had deviated from his orders to bring them over. The empire line was weak here, everything the reaver had hoped.

Over the cliff but caught on both sides


After removing dead models

Combat Result

The corsairs delivered 9 wounds, charged, and have a battle standard. The empire troops had a flank and the high ground so they lose by 9 and need insane courage to hold, the crossbowmen: 4 the swordsmen: 10 both flee. The corsairs take their free hack and overrun into the knights: [6, 1, 3, 5, 5, 1, 6, 5, 1, 6, 6, 6, 5, 5, 4] the hack slaughters the crossbowmen the corsairs roll pursuit: 3 even with such a low roll they overrun into the knights counting as a charge next combat phase. The swordsmen also take a free hack from 3 models: which kills all of them

Kukkoval's gambit was successful

Turn 6: Empire

Maneuver Tests


Failure of leadership leaves Empire in disarray


The survivors of the HelBlast

Everything was falling apart in front of General Godfrey's eyes. The drow had scaled the cliff and slammed into the weak part of his line while the blocks of infantry couldn't moaneuver to take them on. All at once the pirates were upon him but the veteran commander would just have to smash through the situation with brawn and steel. It wouldn't be the first time. "Come at me with your strongest! I call him out!" the lord bellowed. They elf master would have either have to hide or face him he could reassess once the head of the snake had been chopped. Even as he started at the reaver badge upon Kukkovals sea dragon cloack godfrey was approached by a hooded figure. Before he could give voice to his astonishment the dark elf was upon him in a flying leap.


Godfrey calls out a challenge but it is met by Nureluth the assassin

The single combat of Godfrey and Nuruleth Bloodbath on the hilltop

Combat Resolution

The corsairs dealt 5 wounds and have a standard. The empire dealt 4 wounds and had a rear attack. It is an actual tie neither side has a musician.

Turn 7: Dark Elves

Lokhir's unit is less than 7 inches away from the spearmen so they automatically succeed in charging the enemy in the flank. The spearmen must take a break test due to the terrifying helm of the kraken: [2, 6, 6] they barely hold due to "Hold the Line!"

Lokhir finally engages the enemy



Captain Brenner calls out a challenge, the Dread Fellheart Responds. General Grimminger does the same but Kukkoval slinks back a rank instead of responding.

Brenner is willing to stand up for his city and his loved ones Models removed for turn 7

Combat Resolution

Kukkoval's corsairs dealt 2 wounds and have a standard, their ranks don't count as disrupted anymore because it was only 1 model so they also get 2 ranks for a score of 5. The empire in the same combat have 2 for their rear attack but nothing else so they lose by 3. In the other combat the Dark Elves dealt 5 wounds to the empires 1 but the empire get 1 rank bonus also they were getting flanked and the elves still have a standard so the empire loses by 5.

Break Tests

Just before the knights are pushed back

Turn 8: Empire

For the Halberdiers to make a reinforce the knights they must make a long wheel during their charge which makes the necessary distance 9 inches.



Herr Euler decides that the situation is so grave he is going to blow away the cannon crew so that he can kill the Krakenlord with them but the fuseman stops him in astonishment.


Combat Resolution

No one died. The corsairs have 2 complete ranks and a standard so they win by 3.

Break Tests

Turn 9: Dark Elves

Lokhir breaks off from the corsairs and charges Godfrey the general from the flank while Gehkis' corsairs charge Euler and Volley Gun crew.


The corsairs fall upon the artillery crews


The General calls out Lokhir to a challenge, Lokhir must accept because he has no men to hide behind even though strategically it saves the general from a number of attacks

Tension as the General alone survives

Combat Resolution

The Dark Elves dealt 1 wound had 2 ranks, a standard and flank bonus so they win by 5

The Elves hold in formation

Remaining Moves

Lokhir joins Gehkis' corsairs and gets them into position

Lokhir in defensive position

Turn 10: Empire


The last charge to defend the town



The halberdier frontline goes down

Combat Resolution

The Dark Elves have 2 ranks a standard and dealt 6 wounds. The Empire had 1 rank. The empire loses by 8 so only insane courage will save them.

Break Tests

At this point the corsairs are going to sack the town the humans have lost.

Euler's Escape

During the wild mayhem of piratical slaughter Herr Euler pulled his bleeding body under the multi-barrel frame of the HelBlaster cannon. He was obscured from view but lay motionless and afraid. Tromping feet thudded around him as the drow violently stormed into the harbor town bringing the pain of invasion with fire and blade. Euler began to reach his one good hand up into the mechanism of the HelBlaster and grunted as a small mound of black powder spilled onto his chest. Through the screaming din of the non-distant sacking of the human settlement metal clicked against metal and the engineer pulled down a large hollow ball-bearing, balanced it among the bloody folds of his tunic and began to clumsily pinch the powder into it. His positioning under the war-machine and his increasing loss of blood were harsh impediments to his task. but he grimaced and hurried. Once he had re-armed himself to the best of his limited ability he lay back waiting and wincing in pain. A tendon had been severed in his leg, his face and right shoulder were bleeding with minor cuts but he had been stabbed clear through his left side and his left arm was broken. A shattered man in a conquered village lay bleeding with a racing mind. Finally, he heard the inevitable approach of footsteps accompanied by elven voices speaking their dark tongue, "Tarrying too long will cause us to miss out on plundering."

"Alright, but let's still try and examine the repeater cannon... it has to at least be destroyed if it can't be converted for the Black Ark we must construct."

"That's right, but it should only take the two of you I'm going on ahead."

Herr Euler craned his neck to peer at the boots between the wheels of the cannon he lay beneath. As the pair of elves strolled up towards the HelBlaster they suddenly each hopped to the side as a small metal grenade rolled out from under the cannon towards them and exploded. One was thrown to the ground while the other leaped more quickly and was already producing his repeater crossbow when he was blasted in the chest falling lifelessly backward. "I have four more barrels loaded and one is for you if you don't drop your weapon and pull me out right now." quoth Euler to the remaining bolt thrower crewman. He brandished his multipistol with his one good arm gesturing with it to pick him up. He hobbled leaning on the drow while he kept the weapon traing on him. "Leave me behind that shed and walk away." Euler had little hope that he would be left in peace for more time than it took for the dark elf to alert his comrades. He stared back silently his weapon shaking as the elf slowly backed away from him leaving him slumped at the shed door and then pounced around a corner out of sight. He had no time to lose, "This is it," he muttered to himself, "either she works for me this time or it was never a worthwhile project." The shed door swung open to reveal a single stall housing a mechanical horse. Euler balanced on his one partially functional leg leaning against the contraption as he cranked its handle his eyes still trained on the door. Clicks of the crankshaft marked precious seconds before he would be set upon. "That should be enough." He shoved the gun into a bloody pocket while lurching his body over the back of the metal beast like a sack of cargo before reaching up for its ear with his one good hand and attempting to right himself. He closed his eyes before he released the go lever. The rythmic bouncing of the beast springing into action instantaneously sent shocks of pain from Euler's numerous wounds but this excruciation was overshadowed by the catharsis of gaining a chance for the motion of escape. Even as a few bolts shot around him he felt the rush of hope and ecstatic excitement carrying him onwards. None of the invaders were mounted and most were too engrossed in destructive pillaging to give chase.

As he reached the inland gates of the town he saw a small crowd of women and children circling the exit where a few dark elves were standing and non-chalantly terrorizing the civilians with monster-taming whips. Euler bore straight down on them toppling through the gates and firing shots from his pistol. Having disrupted the Druchii formation the civilians were swarming out after him. Euler clung to his steed and went for the road, however without looking back.