Queen Helgar's Levy

Helgar Longplaits is the true heir of Bronn the Bold however the throne of Krag Bryn has been usurped by her uncle, Skorla. The Bronnlings who still remain loyal have followed the venerable Loki Whitebeard, general to Helgar's father, to Barak Varr. Where, Bronn's fortune being squandered by another, Helgar has been relying on the hospitality of Byrrnoth Grundadrakk. That is why Helgar leads her warriors to the monitor portal. The rumours of valuable ore provide a possible prize from which she could not only pay her debts but also raise a larger army to recapture her ancestral home.

Helger's Levy is the core clansmen, one unit large unit with great weapons, and an auxilary consisting of a grudge thrower and a gyrocopter

Having had early warning of the approaching lizardmen, Helgar has taken up a defensive muster upon the great hill of stereo equipment. With little ranged weaponry, it will not be as simple as holding position on the high ground or the dwarves will be peppered away by Xirotep's skinks. One or both of the flanks will have to advance out to crush the cold-blooded resolve.

The dwarfs look out from their perch across the desk battlefield
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Xirotep and the Reclamation Expedition

Most of the the Saurus' reptilean body lay submerged in a blossom-filled sweet pool within a golden courtyard. Reclining on his polished scales the cold-blooded warrior is still but awake. Fresh blood drips from protruding crocodilean fangs and the scent of nectar swirls in his nostrils. Around are strewn slumbering Femmesaurs exhausted from vigorous breeding and the bodies of recently dismembered razorbacks wontonly supped upon amixed the small cairns of fish bones. Even in his comfortable repose Xirotep's vertical pupils flicker, there is a movement, a growing patter. The serenity is shattered by a lightning movement and after the splash Xirotep is standing on the far side of the pool chomping the head off a fish while holding its body by the tail. The skink messenger arrives excited, chattering quickly about the discovery of a new portal and the possibility of recovering artefacts.

Slann have now discovered the existence of the desk surface

"I am ready." The predator lord cuts him off. "If this is the will of the Slann the expeditionary force will make it so." Xirotep would hear more specifics from his skink priest once they were on the march. He would leave soon but not before a thorough preening and visit to the armory. Cold-blooded servants do not feel excitement at the prospect of battle. The surge in energy Xirotep was feeling was more of a calm fulfillment, the drawn out catharthsis of playing the role one was born for. Xirotep flits his forked tongue far past his nose, the air tastes fresh and clean, the world smells good.

Xirotep has deployed in a standard formation alternating heavy and light troops
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Changing Landscape

The shifting environment of the desk has, of course, changed minorly since the first skirmish. The keyboard shall be merely 'difficult terrain' not 'dangerous terrain'. The mousepads are forest. The tablet is a shallow lake which is difficult terrain and units cannot be stubborn. The hard drives and idevices are foothills to the large elevated mesa that is the stereo mountain. Even though Xirotep has discovered a crystalline monument that is obviously a remnant fromt he old-ones there are no extra victory points in this scenario, either side will want control of the area for the forseeable future.

The cups and cup placements represent impassable trees, the pen (fence) and monitor feet (walls) are obstacles, and troops may pass underneath the monitor portal if they are not blocked. Xirotep has arrived and deployed his forces in the west while Helgar took up a defensive position before he arrived.

Deployment viewed from the South Deployment viewed from the North

Turn 1: Dwarfs

Helgar goes first because she has higher initiative. Two units of dwarf infantry march forward.

Helgar joins the advancing northern flank
Loki stays with the defending infantry

Helgar joins the advancing northern flank while Loki stays with the defending infantry.

Brakk Kratchett the gyrocopter pilot whizzes off deep into the southern flank. Brakk Kratchett the gyrocopter pilot whizzes off deep into the southern flank

The Dwarfs place the small template for the grudge thrower directly in the center of the blue skinksand then roll hit on the scatter dice. The skink in the center hole of the template is obliterated. There are 15 skinks under the template which migth be hit by shrapnel on a roll of 4+, this is results in 8 successful hits. With 8 hits rolling 4 strength against 2 toughness (2+ to wound) 7 skinks are wounded. As the shattering grudge stone knocks off more than a rank of the light infantry they must take a panic test. They roll [5,5,3] but they are within 12 inches of Xirotep so an 8 passes and they don't break.

A direct hit

Turn 2: Lizardmen

The troops split around the portal with Xirotep leading the northern force and the skink priest Qro'mi joining the southern flank. The black scaled saurus and green skinks each failed a leadership test during manouvers and were not able to move their march distance.

The lizardmen begin their advance


As it is the first magic phase Qro'mi rolls for his spells: Harmonic Convergence and Urannon's Thunderbolt. The winds of magic are: [1, 4] Qro'mi attempts to channel another power dice (2-) and succeeds. Loki Whitebeard likewise attempts to channel a dispel dice (1-) and fails. The power pool is 6 (5 from winds and 1 from channeling) and the dispel pool is 6 (4 from winds and 2 from dwarfs). The skink priest throws all 6 dice at urannon's thunderbolt increased its range (and casting cost) to hit the gyrocopter.

I checked the errata here to confirm my instincts that the lore of heaven's attribute "Roiling Skies" requires the spell to be successfully cast to take effect, this was confusing because the language used "targets" has a different more specific meaning in magic the gathering

Qro'mi rolls: [4, 2, 4, 5, 5, 1] giving him a casting value of 23 (+2 for his level). The dwarfs roll all six of their dice to resist: [6,5,1,3,4,3] which leaves them with only 22. Even though its a struggle at first Qro'mi casts the spell and lighting bursts forth from his wand triggering secondary blasts from roiling skies. Urannon's Thunderbolt causes D6 hits: 6. At 3+ to wound (strength 6 on toughness 5) the 6 hits produce 4 wounds destroying the gyrocopter before roiling skies even goes off. "IT'S ALL GONE HAYWIRE!!!" screams Brakk Kratchett as the copter comes whirling down.


The Orange skinks shoot poisoned arrows from their shortbows. In a small retcon I decided to run the skinks with shortbows as the models appear instead of javelins as the book specifies, this likely will not turn out to be overpowered and is more thematic. The skinks roll 6+ to hit (-1 long range, -1 move and shoot), all skinks may attack using volley fire: [3, 1, 6, 6, 3, 4, 4, 3, 5, 1] only 2 successes but poison still applies to them. The dwarfs roll 4+ armour saves (heavy armour + shield): only 1 makes his save.

Turn 3: Dwarfs

The dwarf reserve infantry wheels slightly to be in position for a counter charge onto the southern flank. Loki's unit may charge from the high ground to support Helgar's flank

The northern unit of warriors led by the champion, Greig Bakkul goes into testudo formation and marches forward 3 inches. Bakkul means to defend the pen obstacle but his unit is slowed by testudo formation Helgar takes up a square positioningHelgar's keystone cohort marches forward to wheel and go into square formation defending the feet of the monitor as obstacles.


The Grudge thrower lines up a shot on the adjacent saurus and skink cohort but the shot scatters 4 inches and misses everyone. The grudge stone shatters in front of the passive saurus

Turn 4: Lizardmen

Instead of advancing the saurus in the south into range of being charged the skinks will advance and then the saurus will charge a flank if the dwarfs come out to stop the skinks from barraging them.

The red backed saurus emerge from the mousepad forest in a column heading north but fail their leadership test to about face back towards the dwarves. The saurus having vacated their way, the black skinks march to forest's edge. Qro'mi joins the green skinks as they advance without marching so he can still cast spells. Unfortunately, the saurus and forest are blocking so Qro'mi marches anyway and joins the black skinks.

In and out of the mousepad forest the reptilian troops tread

In the north, Xirotep marches forward four inches through the forest, we may have been forgetting the forest's movement penalty up to now but henceforth it shall not be missed. The black-scaled saurus march up behind him. The orange skinks take up a ranged position on the rocks underneath the west side of the portal.

Northern lizardmen troop movements


The orange skinks loose another volley of poisoned arrows at the advancing dwarf infantrymen at 6+ to hit due to range and movement: 2 hits which are auto-wounds. The dwarves marching in testudo roll 3+ armour saves: both are saved with natural 6. Even with the stylish archer perches the skinks arrows bounce harmlessly off the shields of the disciplined dwarf formation.

Turn 5: Dwarfs

Grieg's northern infantry take a defensive position by the pen fence and switch formation to shieldwall. Helgar's heavy infantry go into shieldwall as well as square formation. Loki's troops walk 3 inches down the hill to be in a little closer charging distance. Stern and standoff-ish the dwarf warriors await the order to charge


The dwarves aim the grudge thrower directly at Qro'mi who is visible within 2 inches of the treelines edge. The scatter dice are a direct hit, 9 skinks besides the priest are under the template. Due to a 1 for "Look out, Sir" Qro'mi is hit at strength 8 which is 2+ to wound: which succeeds, his armour save is destroyed by the strength of the shot and he takes D6 wounds: 6 obliterating the fervent priest. Of the 9 other skinks 7 are affected (4+) and with toughness 2 vs strength 4 the dwarfs roll 2+ to wound for: 7 successes, 7 skinks perish almost halving the unit. They must take a break test at the leadership of their brave (5) who is still living: cold-blooded yields insane courage and the skinks hold.

Turn 6: Lizardmen

"Wait!"" Xirotep hisses. "The skinks will shoot first then we move"


The black skinks fire upon Helgar's unit at 7+ to hit (long range, hard cover) of the 8 shots: 2 hit poison cannot affect 7+ hits. The lizardmen roll 5+ to wound S2 vs T4: 1 wounds. The dwarves, in shieldwall roll 3+ armour saves: the dwarf dies with his back turned to the arrows. The blue skinks shoot 12 shots at the same unit under the same circumstances: they get one hit and roll to wound: success to wound, the dwarf rolls his armour save: he lives. The orange skinks continue their harassment of Greig's infantry rolling ten attacks at 5+ (defended fence gives soft cover): 2 hits one wounds with poison the other fails the to-wound roll. The remaining wound is saved by armour.

On the Southern front, the black skinks fire a volley and then march out onto the keyboard. The red-backed saurus rotate and advance a little bit, while the green skinks march through the mousepad forest.On the other side of the portal, the saurus march forward towards the dwarves while the skinks provide fire.The lizardmen are advancing their position

Turn 7: Dwarfs

Helgar is silent at the tip of her formation. One foot up upon the wall, she is poised to pivot and hold the either one of her flanks. The few shouts of excited aggression to charge are silenced by Griscom the veteran. Helgar's expression remains a silent grimace. The dwarves wait for her order to move.

The dwarf units all remain in their defensive positions unwilling to risk a failed charge. Loki's infantry finally take up shieldwall.


The grudge thrower aims at Xirotep himself and for a third time rolls direct hit with no misfire! Two saurus seeing the incoming rock move to push Xirotep out of the way but unfortunately he gets a second 1 for "Look out, Sir" and instinctively dodges their grasp.Another direct hit from the grudge thrower Xirotep is clobbered with a strength 8 hit, the roll to wound is 2+ (s8 vs T5): 3 Xirotep takes D6 wounds: 1... that is not enough to kill the saurus old-blood. 6 other saurus were possibly hit on 4+: only 1 is actually struck at S4 vs T4 (4+): it doesn't wound the saurus. Xirotep's unit just took a direct grudge thrower hit and had no losses, hissing amongst the lizardmen ranks.

Turn 8: Lizardmen

The time has come to engage. Xirotep declares a charge upon Greig's infantry. On the southern front all units advance but Xirotep is leaving the option open for the dwarves to abandon their defensive position and attempt a charge of their own. Surprisingly, the yellow backed saurus (aquatic from the sacred spawning of tzunki) roll snake eyes on their charge distance and are floundering unformed in the lake. They blocked off the advance of the black scaled saurus unit with sacred spawning of Sotek who come up behind them and in turn who's proximity blocks the view of the blue skinks.The Lizardmen advance remains incremental


The two southern skink cohorts fire at Helgar's unit while the orange skinks fire at Greig's unit which is only behind a fence instead of a wall. The black skinks fire 8 poisoned arrows at 7+ (wall, moved): there is one hit, it can wound on a 5+: but it fails. The green skinks fire 20 arrows at 8+ (wall, moved, long range): with 1 hit which wounds on 5+: but fails. The orange skinks fire 10 poisoned arrows at Greig's infantry at 5+ (fence): only one hit which strikes with poison, the dwarf rolls a 3+ armour save (shieldwall): but fails and dies.

Turn 9: Dwarfs

An opportunity has arisen which cannot be neglected. Both Helgar and Grieg break shieldwall to order a charge upon Xirotep and the yellowscaled saurus unit. Loki will have to stay put to watch their backs. Greig rolls his charge distance needing to cross 7 inches because the lake counts as double to non-aquatic: 7 rolled + 3 for dwarf movement is a successful charge. Helgar wants a high charge roll so her southern flank can overrun into the orange skinks: 3 + 3 is only 6 inches ... success! she leads her dwarves into the flank of Xirotep's unit, the orange skinks are drawn into line of battle.

Helgar 'continues the charge' up to her full 6 inches bringing one dwarf into contact with another enemy unit combat has finally commenced


Now is not the time be hit by one's own scatter dice the grudge thrower targets the unit of green skinks. The shot scatters 6 inches to the east putting the hole in the template right on one of the black skinks. While the grudge stone was lobbed at the green skinks it misses and hits the black skinks The one under the template takes a wound on 2+ fromth e S8 hit: it dies. Another 6 are hit on 4+: 2 are hit with S4 on T2 2+ to wound: both die. Having lost more than 25% of their unit the black skinks test for panic: they pass with cold-blooded discipline. The orange skinks Stand & Shoot against the charging dwarves 10 shots at 5+ (stand and shoot): 2 hit one with poison the other wounds on 5+ (S3 vs T4): it wounds, the dwarves roll 4+ armour saves (heavy armour and shield): both of them tink off the shots.


The yellow scaled saurus must take a panic test as the dwarves charge into them as they are being caught out of formation in the disarray following their failed charge. They pass easily, not that badly out of formation they are actually eager to engage their foe. The yellow scaled saurus have the same initiative as the dwarves but the tie goes to to the dwarves because they are charging. Xirotep however, has 3 initiative and instinctively knows that he's in a tight spot the only solution to which might be personally cutting down the enemy front line. Greig, who's sense of honor drove him to prefer the sacrifice of his life rather than that of his clansmen bellowed forth a challenge. "Take Him" the old-blood hissed to the yellow scaled Spawn Leader, he knew that if his attacks were re-directed into the challenge his troops might be overwhelmed before he had a chance to engage his other units. Greig Bakkul faces down Rok'sa the spawn leader

Pre-empting Xirotep is Helgar with 4 initiative, Helgar would lose any charge bonuses to combat because her model is at such an odd angle to her original charge trajectory but models in contact will fight and she still has the highest initiative. Note that even though Helgar is only in base contact with one model she can make attacks against the unit unless she specifically targets the model. Helgar makes 5 attacks at +2 to hit (Rune of Snorri Spanglehelm): all five are hits she rolls 4+ to wound (S4 vs T4): 4 successful wounds, the saurus have a 5+ armour save (scaly skin(2), shield, S4): 1 manages to block her blows and survives, 3 perish.

Before the challenge fight commences Xirotep dives into oncoming chargers with his 5 attacks at 3+ to hit (WS6 vs WS4): he hits with all 5 attacks with one generating another from predatory fighter which also hits, Xirotep rolls 2+ to wound (S6 vs T4): for 6 successes. There are no armour saves from the blade of the revered tzunki.

The serenity of combat has taken over Xirotep's consciousness. As a panther chases its prey through the canopy leaping from branch to branch the old predator passes acrobatically from foe to foe dodging blows while aggressively dismembering each one. Tzunki and the old ones had made the Slann to enact their Great Plan. They gave the Slann an important tool for war: the saurus. As Xirotep was, as a being, awarded by the old ones to the Mage-Priests as a tool, Tzunki had given him also a tool for war: the revered blade. With this tool he is unstoppable, the old-blood lord is in his element now as a craftsman of savage predation.

Challenge: Veteran Greig Bakkul vs Spawn Leader Rok'sa

The dwarf champion strikes first because he is on the charge. Greig has 2 attacks at 3+ because he has a higher weapon skill: both of them hit, now Greig may wound Rok'sa on a 5+ (S3 vs T4): neither strike penetrates. Rok'sa now makes his 3 attacks at 4+: only one hit but it procs another predatory strike: which misses, Rok'sa wounds at 4+ (S4 vs T4): success, Greig makes an armour save at 5+ (heavy armour, shield S4): but fails losing the challenge in death.

Greig's unit took more wounds from Xirotep than their units in base contact so they cannot make any attacks back, note that because the musician and standard bearer weren't specifically targeted they are not automatically dead just because the front rank was killed. Helgar's unit have great weapons which all strike last so the 3 remaining saurus in base contact with the dwarves strike at Helgar's unit at 4+ to hit with 2 attacks each: 3 hits, one procs a nother attack from predatory fighter: which hits, the saurus roll 4+ to wound on their 4 hits: only 1 success, the dwarf rolls a 5+ armour save: hee fails and dies. Helgar's unit had 5 dwarves in base contact, one was Helgar and one is dead so three attack back including the veteran so 4 attacks at 3+ (WS4 vs WS3): 3 hits, great weapons add 2 strength so they wound on 3+ (S5 vs T4): 2 wounds, the saurus have only a 6+ armour save (scaly skin(2), shield, S5): neither succeeds and they are cut down.

In the fight of the skink against the one dwarf the skink strikes first at 4+: he hits, he can wound on a 5+ (S3 vs T4): but fails. The dwarf strikes at 4+ to hit: hitting and can wound on 2+ (S5 vs T2): he succeeds killing the skink. The skinks are will no longer be in base contact with the dwarves and if the dwarfs don't win the combat and follow up the skinks will not be considered in combat at the star tof next round.

After bloodshed

Combat Result

The lizardmen have delivered 9 wounds, the dwarves only 6 and 1 doesn't count because the skinks no longer count in this combat score. Rank bonuses count from the start of combat, the saurus don't count their rank because they were unformed, the dwarves have 5 ranks between them. The dwarves each have a standard. The dwarfs win (5+5+2) vs (9) so the saurus must take a break test at -3 from their leadership: [5, 6, 1] so 6 with cold-blooded but Xirotep's leadership is only 8 and (8-3) < 6 which means that they break.

The yellow saurus roll 2d6 for their flee distance although they will inevitably go through their own troops: 8 inches through the black saurus and the blue skinks each of which must take a panic test. The dwarves roll 7 in pursuit for Greig's former unit (Greig is dead so no one can even try to hodl them back) and Helgar doesn't try to make her troops hold position but leads them on rolls: 8. As the yellow backed saurus turn and run the 8 dwarves in base contact take a "Free Hack" at them. The 4 with axes roll at 5+ to wound and the 4 with great weapons wound on 3+: 4 wounds are generated at S5 so the saurus get a 6+ armour save while 3 are generated at strength 3 where the saurus have a 4+ armour save: The saurus only make one save and take 6 more wounds wiping them out except for Xirotep. Before the dwarves pursue into further enemies expanding the combat Xirotep pushes back through his forces away from the dwarf warriors causing a murmerous stir threw his ranks. The black scaled saurus roll panic on their own leadership as Xirotep is no longer eminating inspiring presence: they get 3 and hold firm in the face of the advancing dwarves. The orange skinks roll their panic: they literally get a cold-blooded roll of [2,1,1] showing their insane courage and willingness to stand before the pursuers and protect the old-blood. The blue skinks also must roll as Xirotep tromps through their files: they get 10 however, and join the leader in cowardly flight for: 7 inches. Lines clash again. Lines of battle are formed as the dwarves purue into fresh enemies

Turn 10: Lizardmen

The lizardmen are running out of options following the shameful consequences of the failed charge through the lake. The black skinks do a full march and wheel to finally maneuver out of the difficult keyboard terrain. Their numbers reduced the skink brave who leads them hopes to perform a distracting action by threatening the grudge thrower. The green skinks loose a volley into Loki's infantry before wheeling towards the action. The red scaled saurus whom had previously stared waiting fro Loki's forces to move cannot afford inaction any longer. They will attempt a 12 inch wheeling charge around the portal base into the flank of Helgar's dwarves, a long shot but the swaying tide of battle has forced their hand. In the north the battle lines will do combat and the fleeing troops will attempt to rally during the remaining moves phase. the red-back saurus roll their charge distance: 4 + 4 is only 8 a failure, the saurus plod half their rolled distance towards their target and are unformed. Movement on the southern front


The green skinks fire 20 arrows at 5+ to hit (long range): 9 hits at 5+ to wound (S3 vs T4): 6 wounds which the dwarves may save on a 3+ (heavy armour, shield, shieldwall): four wounds are saved and two dwarves perish.


Both Helgar and the skinks have 4 initiative but Helgar counts as charging because of pursuing into an enemy so the tie goes to her. She directs 3 of her 5 attacks at the spawning leader with the black shield and the other 2 at the saurus unit, Helgar always hits at 2+: all of Helgar's attacks hit, she rolls to wound on the spawning leader at 5+ (S3 vs T4): 2 are wounds the saurus rolls 4+ armour saves: he blocks one of them and then dies from the other, Helgar rolls to wound for her two other attacks: with one success, the saurus rolls his armour save: but fails and dies. The skinks attack next five are in contact with the dwarves, the orange skink brave does not issue a challenge but directs his two attacks (4+ to hit) at the dwarf veteran: he misses both. The other 4 skinks attack: 2 hit one with poison, the non-poisoned attack rolls to wound (5+): it succeeds, the dwarves roll 5+ armour saves (no shield while wielding great weapon): 1 success, the other dwarf falls. Now the non-great weapon dwarves strike the saurus at 3+ (WS4 vs WS3) only 4 are in base contact and may strike: only 1 of the 4 hits, the roll to wound is 5+ (S3 vs T4): it doesn't succeed, the black scaled saurus shrugs off the strike. The remaining 3 Saurus strike the dwarves now.

At this part I realized I needed to add some nuance to the rules to clarify how many attacks the saurus were allowed to direct at the dwarves with great weapons. Logically, the kills had come from Helgar and thus of the 3 saurus in base contact with Helgar's unit 2 would be dead and only one could direct his attacks at them. Helgar didn't target a specific saurus so the lizardmen player can choose which one they want to remove of the two in base contact with Helgar's unit (not including the third she did target) which matters because it decides which models are in base contact for the saurus player's turn

The saurus started with 3 models in base contact with Helgar's unit and two are dead the lizardmen player chooses the remaining one to be at the corner in base contact with the standard bearer and targets one of his attacks at the standard bearer: this attack misses, his other attack: also misses. The other two living front line saurus direct fight the northern most dwarf unit and direct one attack at that standard bearer: which hits and could wound on a 4+ (S4 vs T4): but it fails, the other 3 attacks: have only one hit but it procs a predatory strike: which misses, the one hit gets a 4+ to wound: but fails. After a lackluster round for the saurus the dwarves with great weapons finally strike. Only the unit veteran is base contact with the skinks. The veteran can't not tell the difference between the skinks and this lack of perception prevents him from targeting his attacks at the skink brave. He rolls 2 attacks at the skinks at 3+ to hit: both successes, he rolls 2+ to wound (S5 vs T2): both wound ripping down the skinks. Two other dwarves are in contact with the saurus and roll 3+ to hit: 1 hits and rolls 3+ to wound (S5 vs T4): succeeding the saurus may roll a 6+ armour save.Frontline carnage

Combat Resolution

The dwarves have caused 5 wounds, have a rank bonus of +4, and have 2 standards: 11. The lizardmen have caused 2 wounds and have a rank bonus of +2: 4. The dwarves win by 7 so the two lizardmen units must test at their leadership minus 7. The saurus roll: [3,6,1] for a total of 4, (8-7) < 4 so they break, the skinks roll: [5,2,1] for a total of 3, (5-7) < 3 so they break too. If there are no saurus not fleeing on a turn the dwarves can basically declare victory.

The initial flee & pursue happen in the combat phase before the other fleeing units can rally. The saurus roll for flee distance first: 5 inches and the skinks roll: 11. the northern dwarf infantry unit rolls its pursuit: 6 inches and Helgar's unit rolls: 5 inches. Before the chase movement begins the dwarves get a free hack. The northern unit of dwarf infantry roll their 5 hits on the saurus at 5+ to wound: with no successful wounds. Helgar's unit lets 3 dwarves hack the skinks while Helgar and the champion hack the saurus, Helgar automatically hits with her 5 attacks she rolls 5+ to wound: 4 wounds the saurus roll a 4+ armour save: 1 wound is saved and 3 saurus fall. The dwarf champion hits with 2 attacks at S5 and rolls 3+ to wound: with 1 kill. The other 2 dwarves roll 2+ to wound the skinks: with 2 resulting in kills. While Xirotep is within a judgement call of being pursued into counting the 6 inch pursuit of the dwarf infantry even counting half movement for the forest but because the saurus flee a shorter distance than the pursuers they are caught and thus instead of charging on into fleeing Xirotep both dwarf units stop advancing at 5 inches to take their second free hack on on the saurus. Helgar rolls her to wounds: only 1 success, the saurus rolls his save: and tinks off her blow. The other 4 dwarfs with great weapons including the veteran roll their to wounds at 3+: with 3 successes, the saurus can roll 6+ armour saves: one blocks the strike and two fall. The dwarves with hand weapons roll 5+ to wound: with two successes, the saurus can roll 4+ armour saves: but neither succeeds and they both die.

It may appear that the dwarves havepursued all the way up to Xirotep and then stopped but really they are standing in the saurus bodies they just massacred

Remaining & Compulsory Moves

Xirotep and the skinks may each roll now to rally, Xirotep rolls: 4 which is a success. The skinks roll: 4 which is also a success. Both units rally and reform, in the remaining moves phase Xirotep joins the skinks.

The rallied troops make a stand in the forest.

Turn 11: Dwarfs

The lizardmen have little chance left and yet the Loki refuses to leave his position on the high ground even as 3 units slowly close in around him and the main battle line drifts further away. Helgar and the northern infantry unit make a charge of less than 2 inches to engage Xirotep and the blue skinks but Loki stays put hoping the grudge thrower can handle the red-scaled saurus for him.


The grudge thrower aims for the last saurus unit but the shot scatters off 4 inches to hit nothing.


Xirotep calls out a challenge hoping to cow the dwarves by slaying their leader but as he had thwarted Greig Bakkul who wanted to face him the veteran leading Helgar's unit answered him, "I am Gungadrad Bythryehm and I will fight for my Queen!" Shaking his head in genuine disappointment Xirotep seethes, "Will your queen not face me! I'm going to maul you in front of your men!" Helgar intended to make the skinks flee and with her initiative attack simultaneously to the skinks (no charge bonus awarded for short charge) rolling 2+ to hit indiscriminantly into their ranks: all five attacks hit, she rolls 3+ to wound the skinks: all 5 succeed the skinks have a 6+ scaly skin save: 2 skinks make their saves and survive. All 4 skinks in the front line attack the dwarves (because they attacked simultaneously with Helgar none of them are dead yet) at 4+: 3 hit and roll 5+ to wound: 1 success but the dwarf may roll a 5+ armour save (no shield while using great weapon): but fails and dies.

Xirotep rolls 5 attacks at 3+ to hit his challenge opponent: 4 hits 2 procing more predatory strikes: each of which hit, he rolls 2+ to wound for his 6 hits: all three wound and there are no armour saves. True to his word Xirotep makes quick work of his promised humilation driving the spike of his tail into the mouth of the dwarf and down deep into his body before flinging him lifeless up from his impalement to bounce and finally roll amongst the troops he used to lead. the brutality is ghastly

The dwarves strike. The first without greap weapons two roll 3+ to hit the skinks: 2 hits they roll 3+ to wound as well: 2 wounds, the skinks roll 6+ scaly skin saves: 1 is successful. the dwarf with a great waepon rolls 3+ to hit: but misses.

Another set of causulties removed

Combat Result

The dwarfs dealt 4 wounds, have 2 standards, and a rank bonus cumulatively of 4: 10. The lizardmen killed 2 dwarfs and Xirotep did 5 damage of overkill on Gungadrad and they have a rank bonus of +1: 8. The lizardmen lose by 2 and must take a test at their leadership minus 2: [1,4,3] so 4, (8-2) > 4 so they pass and hold although they are pushed back 2 inches. The dwarves advance 2 inches and two models on either side begin to wrap around.

Even as he holds Xirotep is losing ground

Compulsory moves

The orange skinks roll to rally: [3,4,2] barely passing with cold-blooded they rally and reform.

Turn 12: Lizardmen

At this point the saurus have to either make a far charge at Loki's unit or try to join the northern front in a series of successful maneuvers. While dominating the southern front is a more likely possibility the spawning leader Chun Atlotl decides they have no chance of winning the battle as a whole if he cannot re-enforce Xirotep. So he orders they reform and march in snake formation under the portal and reform on the other side. With no musician the test to march is at -1 and the test to reform on the other side of the portal is at -2. They test to march: [1,3,1] 2 easily passing and then again to reform: [1,4,4] (8-2) > 5 so they pass the second one too.The red scaled saurus march in snake formation And emerge on the other side fo the portal The green skinks are happy to shoot at Loki's unit from within short range while standing on the difficult terrain of the keyboard. The black skinks pass leadership test to wheel and march toward the grudge thrower. The orange skinks charge in on the two dwarfs with great weapons who have wrapped around on Xirotep and the blue skinks.The red-scaled Saurus reform to attack the dwarves from the rear


The green skinks shoot 20 arrows at 4+ to hit: 13 hits at 5+ to wound: 4 wounds but the dwarves get their 3+ armour saves: 1 succeeds but 3 dwarves fall to arrows, they are starting to make a dent in Loki's unit now he can't just keep sitting there and taking it.


The dwarf unit with great weapons has to roll a panic test because getting charged while wrapping around is like getting charged while unformed: 7 success they will fight as normal.

Xirotep bawls for Helgar but she is uncharacteristically slinking behind her lines because she thinks this battle is already won and risking her life is one of the few ways she thinks it could actually be lost. "Weakness! I will tear down your lines to find you!" It is too much, "Come, it is your doom you seek and you are about to find it." Helgar advances, without her many Bronnlings would surely die and her honor renders her incapable of the shame whether it is strategic or not. Bursting forth Helgar strikes first, having higher initiative she rolls her 5 attacks at 2+ to hit: All 5 hit, she rolls to wound at 5+ (S4 vs T5): 0 successes... suddenly things are not looking good for Helgar she needed to take down the predator before brought the blade of revered Tzunki to bear. Xirotep, ecstatically rolls his 5 attacks at 5+ (rune of parrying): 3 hits and one causes a predatory strike: which hits, now he rolls to wound at 3+ (S6 vs T5): 3 wounds, there are no armour saves vs the blade of the revered Tzunki, Helgar collapses in blood.

Next the skinks strike, 2 skinks can only make attacks at the dwarfs without great weapons so they target the two who are wrapping around at 4+ to hit: 1 hits and rolls 5+ to wound: but doesn't succeed. 4 blue skinks attack the dwarves with great weapons at 4+ to hit: 2 hit and roll 5+ to wound: both fail to wound. 5 orange skinks including the brave can attack the dwarves with great weapons at 4+ to hit with poisonous attacks: 3 hits one automatically wounds, the other 2 roll 5+: they fail the dwarf may roll a 5+ armour save: and succeeds blocking the poisonous attack. 4 Dwarves with hand weapons can attack the skinks and will hit on 3+: 2 hit and wound on 3+ (S3 vs T2): 1 wounds the skink may make a 6+ armour save: but fails and dies. 2 dwarfs with great weapons can only attack the blue skinks and 4 more can attack either blue or orange (they cannot target Xirotep because he was in a challenge) the 4 that can choose to target the orange skinks and roll 3+ to hit: 3 hit and roll 2+ to wound: all 3 wound and the skinks don't get saves because of the strength of the blows. The two others strike the blue skinks at 3+: they both hit and wound on 2+: and they both wound.

More casaulties are removed

Combat Result

The lizardmen dealt 3 wounds and have minus 1 because the blue skinks are being flanked. The dwarves dealt 6 wounds have 2 standards and a rank bonus of +2 but also get minus 1 for the the dwarves with geat weapons being flanked by the orange skinks at first. This yields an end total of 9 vs 2. The skink units must pass a test as Xirotep's leadership -7 to hold. The blue skinks roll: [5,4,2] only insane courage would have held, the orange skinks roll: [5,5,6] They had no intention of staying after Xirotep fled. All possible dwarves target Xirotep during the free hack, he is hit by 5 S3 hits and 5 S5 hits the S5 hits roll 4+ to wound: 3 wounds, Xirotep may roll a 3+ armor save ( scaly skin(4) + light armour + shield + sacred spawning of Quetzl - S5 hit): Xirotep only has one successful armor save. Having taken a wound earlier from the grudge thrower Xirotep finally goes down, the other dwarf attack are wasted.

The blue skinks roll their flee distance: 10 inches and the orange skinks: 4 inches. The dwarves with hand weapons roll pursuit: 8 inches and the dwarves with great weapons roll to pursue: 9 catching the orange skinks. It would have been better to reform to face the red-scaled saurus but neither dwarf unit has a leader left alive. The dwarves with great weapons roll their second free hack upon the orange skinks 5 hits wound on 2+: the orange skinks are gone.

After pursuit

Turn 12: Dwarfs

The dwarf infantry units without leaders can only make their 1 free maneuver, they both about face to take the saurus charge head on, the blue skinks be damned. Loki Springs into action in disbelief that his Queen is lost. He saw the saurus snake round the portal to charge the leaderless dwarf warriors but if he abandoned the southern flank skinks would pour over the grudge thrower. He declares a charge at the green skinks a 9 inch distance made 11 by the treacherous last inch of keyboard. The skinks choose to stand and shoot because if the flee they would go off the board. Loki's charge roll is: 8 plus the dwarf movement of 3 gives a charge distance of 11, just barely successful. Battle enters the latter stages, keyboard removed for ergonomics


The skinks stand and shoot and the grudge thrower attempts to shoot the red-scaled saurus. The skinks roll 20 shots at 5+ to hit (stand & shoot): only 3 hit, and roll 5+ to wound: none succeed at wounding, the dwarf charge is unphased. The grudge thrower centers the template on the spawning leader Chun Atlotl and rolls its artillery dice: the shot scatters 2 inches southeast which still hits the saurus unit! The stone thrower shot scatters 2 inches from the spawning leader One saurus is hit automatically at strength 8 which wounds on 2+: it wounds of course and is too strong for armour saves. 4 other saurus could get hit on 4+ (the one on the ledge is out of the templates reach): 2 saurus are hit with S4 so they will wound on 4+: 1 of them takes a wound but can roll a 5+ armour save: it fails and dies.


The Dwarf line clashes with the skinks but the skinks strike first because they have higher initiative. One skink attacks the dwarf veteran: but misses. One skink attacks the musician: but misses. Another strikes at the holder of the axe-standard: also missing. The last two indiscrinately attack the dwarf warriors: both hitting and roll 5+ to wound: both fail to wound. Next Loki attacks with 2 rolls at 3+ to hit: both hit and Loki will wound on 2+ (S5 vs T2): both succeed and one with a 6 so killing blow applies and the kink cannot roll saves, the other also cannot roll saves because the runesmith's strength is so high. The other 4 dwarves including the veteran attack 3+: 4 hits, they roll 3+ to wound (S3 vs T2): 2 wounds but the skinks may roll 6+ armour saves: one shrugs off the blow.

Combat Result

The skinks dealt 0 wounds but have a rank bonus of +3. The dwarves dealt 3 wounds, have a rank bonus of +1, and have a standard. the dawrves win 5 to 3 so the skinks must win a cold-blooded test of 3 or less they roll: [4,2,2] (5-2) < (2+2) so they fail. Loki rolls leadership to reform instead of pursuing as he thinks its likely the skinks will flee off the map: [4,1] success the unit reforms to follow after the red-scaled saurus, the three dwarves manning the grudge thrower should be able to handle the 5 black skinks remaining. The skinks roll their flee distance: 9 inches way off into the sunset.

remaining Moves

The blue skinks roll to rally: [2,2,6] successfully they reform to face the dwarves. The end of turn 12

Turn 13: Lizardmen

This is the red-scaled saurus' chance, either they break out for a ridiculous victory or this will be their last stand. Both the skinks and red-scaled saurus declare charge on the dwarves with great weapons. The blacks skinks walk 6 inches up the hill and fire poisoned arrows at the grudge thrower. The forest costs double movement and so does the lake so the saurus need an epic 12 inches (I decided to cut it from 14 inches because there is a path for half of the saurus not through the lake and I think I similarly allowed Helgar to use it) for a successful charge the skinks only need 7 inches. The saurus roll their charge distance: [5,5] + their movement of 4 is 14 even the ones in the lake make the successful charge. The skinks roll: [2,6] so 8 + 6 and easily hit the dwarves in the rear. Chun knows that he has to break the dwarves now because if they hold then the second unit of infantry can charge him in the flank. Reptile enclose on the dwarves bearing the bleeding body of Helgar Longplaits


The black skinks roll 5 attacks at 6+ to hit (long range, move and shoot): one hits before we establish if it auto wounds we roll to see if it hits the crew 5+ (else it hits the war machine): it hits the war machine which is not weak to poison so it still has to roll to wound at 6+ (S3 vs T7): success! The grudge thrower takes 1 wound.


The skinks hit first because they have the highest initiative, five attacks at 4+ to hit: only 1 hits, the roll to wound is 5+: success, the dwarf may roll a 5+ armour save: the blade stops in the warriors heavy armour. Next the saurus strike, they have lower initiative than the dwarves but the dwarves have great weapons so they strike last. Chun Atlotl targets one attack at the standard bearer, one at the musician and the rest into the unit indiscriminantly. The attack on the standard bearer: misses. The attack on the musician: also misses. The saurus frontline delivers 9 more attacks at 4+ to hit: 6 hits with two predatory fighter attacks generated: which both miss, 6 rolls to wound at 4+ (S4 vs T4): 3 wounds the dwarves may roll 6+ armour saves: one tinks off, two dwarves die. the dwarves strike back, 5 can hit back on the skinks and only 3 can hit back at the saurus. I decided here that in this situation where the back line isn't full and the skinks have charged the back and this will go for flank attacks too, the line stays at the border of the unit and models will move to fill out the frontage, if a rank has one unit in the back and they are charged in the rear 5 will hit back not 1 because its silly and unrealistic otherwise The dwarves attacking the skinks roll 3+ to hit: 3 hit, the roll to wound is 2+: 2 skinks are killed. The 3 dwarves facing the saurus strike now at 3+ to hit: only 1 hits, the roll to wound is 3+(S5 vs T4): it wounds but the saurus may roll a 6+ armour save: it fails though and is decapitated.

After casaulties from the last clash

Combat Result

The lizardmen killed 2 dwarves. The dwarves killed 1 saurus and 3 skinks but they have been attacked in the rear and thus get -2 but also are disrupted from receiving their rank bonus. The combat result is a tie. in the event of a tie the musicians dice off to see who plays a better song, the lizardmen have no musician however so they lose and must test at minus 0 to their leadership. The saurus roll: [3,1,4] passing the skinks roll: [5,6,3] failing and turning to run: 7 inches. The Saurus are pushed back and the dwarves wrap around, with no leader they can't elect not to.


At this point there is basically no path to victory for the lizardmen. The battle keeps going but the dwarves will necessarily overwhelm the few remaining skinks and saurus, Chun Atlotl can see this and tries to lead a controlled retreat off the map to the north before he can be surrounded by the other two dwarf infantry units.

A few rule changes and clarifications were enacted due to this battle. The continuing the charge rules need more clarification and I think I might revise the unformed penalty for a failed charge.

Dwarf Ending

Rhud Bakkul had been forgemaster to Bronn the Bold and his lineage had served the Bronnling House since. Gunther had borne witness to the malicious impalement of his brother Greig on the tail of the crocodile faced monster Xirotep and was seething with rage as he pushed forward around the flank of the blue skink formation. He whirled his greataxe with both his hands bellowing, "For Greig you will BLEED" punctuating the last syllable with a ferocious blow. Then the orange skink formation slammed against him. 3 little iguana men around him the first knocked against him and charged past but the other two slammed against him at the same time one in the shoulder and one in the knees, Gunther lost his balance. As he began to fall, a webbed foot the color of persimmon kicked him in the back and standing atop him the skink brought an eight inch curved dirk dripping with poison down onto the the back of his neck. As Gunther's stout body thumped into the ground, his cousin Rhuddar slew the skink with an overhead axe blow ripping into the creature and causing it to crumple and slump onto Gunther. Dazed, Gunther lay facedown blood slowly trickling down his neck over his shoulder, the thumping of feet stomping all around him. He didn't feel any burning pain... he reached his fingers behind his head, Nothing! the blow had glanced off his cuirass, it was the skinks blood he was lying in not his own. He began to push himself up and as he looked forward his eyes met with that of the alligator fiend Xirotep. In that moment, he too was crashing to ground a dozen dwarves piling on as he dragged them all forward. Gunther knew Xirotep was looking at him although his screams were but incoherent hisses to Gunther. A lethal claw reaches out to him and then buries itself in earth and Xirotep drags himself a few feet more, axe blows mutilate his scaly body as he crawls.

Gunther stands up and pushes aside the reptilean to pick up his axe. It was then he saw her. The golden braid of the Queen was protruding from the bottom of a shrubbery. "My sovereign" Gunther whispered astonished. With slow frightened steps her approached the mangled body. "Come to me clansmen! The Queen Longplaits has fallen!" Tears gushed into Gunther's beard as he knelt to cradle her head. She was not conscious, blood caked her gorgeous features. Her lip quivered and her shield hand gripped twitchily but her eyes did not open. "Haste, we shall be lost cousin." Rhuddar's brother Dormeund had heard his plea for help and arrived to aid him. Together they lifted Helgar on Bronn's shield and bore her away to join their clansmen.

When the lizardmen returned for their final strike Gunther and Dormeund stood in the center of the unit nervously praying to Grungi that their brethren would hold the cold-blooded menace at bay. By the time the battle finally concluded Helgar's condition was deteriorating. Her shield hand was clutching less strongly and with closed eyes she had began to mutter unsettlingly. They lay the shield which was now her litter on the ground and anxiously tried bandage some of her wounds. "By Valaya, I will have your beards! How could you let this happen!" Loki Whitebeard was livid. "This is so grave, NONE of us may be able to live with the shame!" The runesmith's tone quieted in a trembling seriousness. "She must be saved Bakkul... there is no hope of the Bronnling's taking back Krag Bryn without Helgar. We will fall into obscurity. You will all be landless servants to Thrundlings, first in line the die in a pointless war against the elves. The underway will fall into disorder as said war pulls resources from the skaven-watch." As he murmered, he laid Helgar flat upon his cloack, removed her double breastplate and placed a runed amulet around her neck. The cousins knelt watching him. "This expedition cannot be in vain. I will supervise the extraction of the Gromril but you Bakkul, you must take Helgar to a healer. She needs aid, if she will not make it back to Barak Varr than you must turn to the elves." Gunther dismissed the idea of turning the elves outright but remained silent. At Firehawk Inslet there was a human settlement with a population of dwarves, from there he could get a gyrocopter to Barak Varr possibly. "Gather a party, consider your options carefully. You must leave tonight." as the wizened runesmith spoke 3 disconnected symbols glowed upon his staff. He stared Gunther and then at Dormeund and then tapped his staff on the ground, the glowing ceased. He gazed again at the Queen grunted and walked away

Lizardmen Ending

The eyes of Xirotep lay on a stunted, rotund, pinkskin. They were both face down on the battlefield staring at each other. He thrust his knifelike fingernails into the earth to drag himself even a short distance further in defiance of those wrenching against him. Axes hewed into Xirotep's back scales and shoulder bone. With his other arm he reached for the dwarf and mouthed, "I could eat you" in Slann. How was it that he was falling now? How could the great plan succeed if he was not there to fight chaos when needed? Something was missing, a nagging feeling of forgetting, incompletion. When Xirotep realized what absence he was experiencing he began to feel a calm acceptance. It wasn't over, the tool of the gods was passing on to new chapter of its destiny. Scampering away from him two skinks chatter as they flee. One leans to show the other the bronze tip of an object he is carrying inside a cloth. The othe blue scaled amphibean squeals and leaps and they dash off.